Reclaiming Jesus

Answer The Call


As elders we believe two things are at stake: the soul of the nation, and the integrity of faith.

It is time to be followers of Jesus before anything else—nationality, political party, race, ethnicity, gender, geography. Our identity in Christ precedes every other identity. And we believe that in this moment of crisis our belief in the image of God (imago dei) found in every human being is vitally important.

Many people have asked to add their name to the Reclaiming Jesus declaration ( read statement in full here). We invite you to do that — but this isn’t a document that is just to be signed, but a call to be answered. It is a declaration that is meant to be shared, studied, prayed over, and, perhaps most importantly, acted on. As elders we invite you to answer this call by bringing the Reclaiming Jesus declaration into your conversations, into your churches, and into your communities.

We invite everyone who answers this call to speak fully into their understanding of this declaration.

In signing this declaration, we are asking you to commit to answer the call through the following actions:

  • Share the declaration and video on your social media. Tell your friends and family why it is important to you to answer the call to reclaim the name of Jesus in this moment.
  • Bring the declaration to your church. If you are a pastor, share the declaration with your congregation, preach on it, and use the resources as discipleship tools. If you are a lay-person, share the declaration with your pastor and ask that they preach on it, share it with the congregation, and help organize a study group.
  • Discuss the declaration with your friends and community. Find 11 friends or neighbors who would be willing to form a discipleship group to study and reflect on the declaration and what it means in our time.
  • Get a candle. Prepare and ready for rapid response of candlelight prayer vigils if and when moments of crisis arise.

In turn, we will commit to sustain and resource you monthly with brief reflections from elders, and, if it becomes necessary, we will also reach out to you in moments of crisis to act.

Make a Commitment

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